Domain Development Excitement

Just as some days and some entire weeks are troubled, some days and entire weeks are fabulous and full of excitement.

This week has been so exciting I am losing sleep over getting online and off to a fast start.

It all started on Linkedin. I got a private message from a person I connected with a few days ago. He gave me some excellent profile ideas, like how to word my summary with a value proposition. Then he invited me to a webinar with Greig Wells. I was a little reluctant to listen to a sales pitch, but that’s not what I got.

And I was WOWED! The training, the free information and the straight-forward and positive attitude of Greig got my attention. I bought his service the moment the button appeared.

I went to godaddy and bought the domain,, and immediately slapped a page up.

I posted one free classified ad on a popular local site and ten minutes later I had the first enquiry. I have 6 interested now in the first two hours on a concept page that I wasn’t really ready to publish.

This is going to be hot.

How does the average person make money online? Being in the right place at the right time AND taking action on the right opportunity.





Domain Development Pains

When I buy a domain that I really like– the way it sounds, the way it seems to fit a niche and I know deep down in my gut that it’s special and it has tremendous potential– that motivates me to develop it.

It may be that no one else agrees with me. My Quick Start Coach Matthew says the niche is over-sold, estibot says the name is only worth $40 and members to the site trickle in at a snail’s pace.

The site is

logoGranted, it’s only nine days old today. I thought it would already be buzzing by now. I promoted it heavily this first week and today there are 23 members. A generous bonus for the first 100 new members is a free VIP upgrade and 1000 points. That is $25 worth of freebies just for joining to exchange Likes and Followers on several major social media networks. Hmmm….

I am a patient man. I will continue to promote active members URLs with the hope that if a few members experience success, others will then follow. We will see.

The real reason I am even writing this post is because I need the new logo on- line so I can use the image URL on social media and to capture the image on various machines I use. I have Photoshop but only on my old laptop.

So I threw together in about 5 minutes the first logo which is only some text with a little flair. This logo was necessary because the script had the script writer’s crappy company logo splattered all over the PHP files.

It has taken me about 2 hours to change the name of the site, change the generic wording and locate the 5 or 6 PHP files the logo graphics are inside of, and I am still not finished. I ran out of time over the weekend and published the site anyway because I had advertising specials lined up for the roll out on Sunday afternoon.

Next time I buy a PHP script, I will hire a specialist to do all this work.



I love writing

I love writing, thank you Mrs. Boozer. She was my English Teacher in 10th grade and she made me write every day. I still have that journal.

I mostly wrote small amounts of juvenile gibberish in high school. In college, I carried on with journaling and once in a while I wrote a purple patch. I wrote poems in the margins or with doodles. A gem, a grain of brilliance– maybe. In that journal– yes I still have that one too– I find pieces of myself that reflect where I have been, who I am today, where I am going.

Writing is a natural extension of my being. Blogging is the next logical step in my evolution as a human being.

I encourage you to write, and to blog. You will go a long way to finding out who you are.


Hello from Michael Jay Cain

Welcome to my personal name domain. This is my first post on this site and I want to make it introductory and keep it simple.

Ten years ago I would never have considered making a site based on my own name– seemed egomaniacal and pointless to me;– Now I realize that I should have put this site together 25 years ago when I first got on the internet.

I need this website. I will use the site for many of my own purposes, mostly organizational. Example: This is the first place where I have listed all the domains I own in one place, on the page Digital Assets.

I also hope to welcome here other lovers of all things Internet and visitors who come just to visit and become friends.

Here will be the “diary” of my online activities. Sometimes I will share exciting new finds and more often entries will seem ordinary. One thing that’s certain– I have plenty to say.